Laine Snook Reports . . . Grip Supermatch

Laine Snook, the world record holder in the Rolling Thunder® reported some contest highlights from the Grip Supermatch held this weekend.

"I went down to the grip supermatch in Gloucester on Saturday and met up with David and Elizabeth Horne again after six years . . . the only one who appeared to have aged was me.

Theo Burggraaf put on a fantastic display on the V-bar, 186.5 kilos, or in pounds, HEAVY! I think that Theo should get a special mention for this fantastic lift.

I went to the match to see what Steve Gardener had in the tank on the Rolling Thunder®, and in the excitement was asked to make an attempt on the Millenium Dumbbell. It is a beast of a thing! However, age and good looks won the day and I deadlifted it twice. I am quite pleased, but feel that I could do much better with some exposure to the dumbbell.

After lifting the dumbbell I had a go at the No. 4 CoC and came very close to closing it with each hand, probably 1/8th of an inch off with both left and right. I will give this my full attention after I try for a big lift at David's contest on April 7th."

Laine's modesty aside, his assault on the Millenium Dumbbell was very impressive, so who knows what he will do it after he's had a chance to train on it a bit, and when Laine turns his full attention to the No. 4 Captains of Crush® Gripper, we expect that 1/8-inch gap to disappear.

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