L.P. Jean Wins Festival Hommes Forts Warwick

“The first ‘Festival Hommes Forts Warwick’ with Strongman Champions League Canada was a success,” Jean Fréchette reported to IronMind, as Louis-Philippe Jean won, Christian Savoie was second and Nick Best was third.

“The crowd was amazing and the athletes gave us a show to remember.  After the 3rd event, Louis-Philippe Jean never lost the lead of the week-end.  Even injured to both hands, Nick
Best won the last event and secured third place.
“We had for the first time in Québec the Fingal's Fingers and the crowd went wild for Adam Scherr who almost made the 4th cylinder.  Imagine the cheering Dave Ostlund had when he did the 4 cylinders.

“The weather was with us and I'm very proud of what we had to offer to the strongman fans,” said Fréchette.  “Big thanks to the athletes!”

Here are the official final scores:

1. Louis-Philippe Jean 81.0
2. Christian Savoie 76.0
3. Nick Best 73.0
4. Dave Ostlund 57.5
5. Adam Scherr 57.5
6. Jacki Ouellet 54.0
7. Paul Vaillancourt 42.5
8. Steve Schmidt 42.0
9. Simon Boudreau 37.5
10. Joel Dircks 27.0


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