Koklyaev Wins IFSA Hungarian Grand Prix

"This was definitely not a competition for weak people," Marcel Mostert said, as Misha Koklyaev took the win at the IFSA Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

Proving his point, Mostert said the contest included a 510-kg tire flip, 185-kg Atlas stone and 290 kg in the power stairs. Creating a dramatic finish, Koklyaev and Virastyuk were tied going into the last event (power stairs), which Koklyaev won, giving him his second IFSA Grand Prix title of the year, Mostert reported.

Here are the finals points for the top five:

1. Misha Koklyaev 72 points
2. Vasyl Virastyuk 67
3. Travis Ortmayer 66
4. Vidas Blekleitas 64
5. Andrus Muremets 63

49-year-old Laszlo Fekete competed and Mostert said that Fekete told the enthusiastic crowd that he began competing in international strongman contests in 1988, and Mostert said that two of young IFSA stars - Misha Koklyaev and Travis Ortmayer - explained how they had watched Fekete when they were young boys, showing great respect for the Hungarian strongman.

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