Kody Burns Breaks CoC Silver Bullet World Record

Kody Burns smashed the world record for the CoC (Captains of Crush) Silver Bullet Hold at the Odd Haugen Strength Classic hosted by FitExpo–Chicago. IronMind® |©Randall J. Strossen photo

Chicago–Kody Burns broke one of the most coveted world records in the grip strength world.

Competing in the grip leg of the Odd Haugen Strength Classic at the FitExpo–Chicago, Burns came in highly favored to regain his world record on the IronMind Little Big Horn, a lift that simulates lifting an anvil by its horn.

Burns took a good shot at that record but missed it and then bounced back and destroyed the world record on the CoC Silver Bullet Hold—clamping down on a  19 mm CoC Silver Bullet with a No. 3 Captains of Crush gripper and holding it in place for as long as possible. Burns hung on for 57.15 seconds, beating the old world record by over three seconds.

Canadian grip champion Eric Roussin won the overall grip title.


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