King Solomon and Fortissimus

Faced with two women claiming to be the baby’s mother, King Solomon proposed slicing the baby in half - the woman who cried out to stop the death, as the wise king knew, was the true mother.

Sorting through the recent discord surrounding what once was hailed as a great and honorable strongman contest has much in common as two different parties state some degree of claim to the contest: both say they nurtured it, cherished its development and are devoted to its existence.   

One side is relentlessly and shamelessly using the mass media and freewheeling online forums to trumpet its views while disparaging the other side, with no apparent concern that the contest itself and its supposed ideals are being sullied in the process.

The other side, having quietly stated its position, protests no more, unwilling to get into a mudslinging contest . . . perhaps they know that, “When you’re throwing mud, you are losing ground.”  Perhaps they are quietly confident. 

Or, maybe, as in the case of the true mother, they would rather give up their rightful claim than destroy this thing they hold so dear.

IronMind® can’t speak for him, but our guess is that to King Solomon, sorting this out would have been a slam dunk.

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