Khromova (KAZ) Power Snatches a World Record at the Asian Weightlifting Championships

Almaty, Kazakhstan – Displaying her raw power, Kazakhstan's Tatyana Khromova destroyed the women's 75-kg category world record in the snatch today at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

With the world record standing at 118.5 kg, Khromova sailed through 110 and 115, before taking 120 on her third attempt and she not only made the lift, but she power snatched it, for the world record and the gold medal in the snatch.  Sun Ruiping (China), who had snatched an easy 117.5 kg, got the gold in the jerk (147.5 kg) and beat Khromova on body weight for the gold in the total (265 kg), to continue another exceptional performance by the Chinese women's weightlifting team.

Yesterday ended with Liu Chunhong (China) sweeping the gold medals in the women's 69-kg category (117.5/152.5).

Earlier today, Yuan Aijun (China) dominated the men's 75-kg category, with 170/210.  Yuan attempted to break the world record in the clean and jerk on his third attempt, calling for 218.5 kg.  Yuan cleaned the weight, but missed the jerk, and it was subsequently determined that the bar had been misloaded to 219 kg.  The men's 94-kg category follows later today.

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