Kenyan Weightlifting Official Criticizes BVDG

Responding to last week’s call by the German Weightlifting Federation (BVDG) for International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) President Tamas Ajan to resign based on drug testing irregularities, Kenyan Weightlifting Federation General Secretary John Ogolla has criticized the BVDG for making the grievance publicly known.

John Ogalla wrote, “Mr. President, we are dismayed by the blatant lack of decorum and display of contempt to IWF board, the weightlifting family and particularly to the IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan,” going on to criticize in particular “the forum and the manner you have chosen to put into view your feelings.”

Ironically, one of the primary concerns raised by the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) with regard to how the IWF manages the sport is what it called a lack of transparency—perhaps most evident in IWF financial reports prior to an EWF-initiated review, as well as in the IWF drug testing policy which is being questioned by the BDVG. 

Bowing to pressure from the EWF, the IWF now openly embraces a policy of transparency and full disclosure.

Kenya was awarded a wild card invitation by the IWF for the London Olympics, which allowed Kenya to have its first ever woman Olympic weightlifting competitor despite not making the qualifying total.  At the same time, Kenyan weightlifting officials announced that Kenya was awarded the “opportunity to host the East and Central Africa Weightlifting Coaching Course in Nairobi which will be funded by IWF,” according to

Politics within the Kenyan Weightlifting Federation have been likened to wars, and in 2009 John Ogolla became the general secretary.


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