Ken Brown's Silver Dollar Deadlift Record is Official

When Ken Brown did a silver dollar deadlift with 1,000 pounds at the IFSA Canada vs. U.S. strongman competition last weekend, some questions were later raised about whether it really was a record.

The basic issue was whether heavier silver dollar deadlifts had been done at earlier World's Strongest Man contests, but in the end that was not the critical question.

"It's an IFSA world record for sure," confirmed IFSA director, Douglas Edmunds, Ph.D. "We recognize it as an IFSA world record," Edmunds said, ending any doubt about the status of Brown's lift.  Edmunds explained that IFSA did not exist in the days of the contests being mentioned; it should also be understood that while the equipment used in those events was similar, it was not identical to what is being used by IFSA today.

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