Ken Brown: World Record Silver Dollar Deadlift

Ken Brown made a powerful impression on MILO® guys with his spectacular debut at the 1997 US Strongest Man contest, where he tried to dent a flatbed with his chin on the loading event, got knocked down, but picked himself up and finished the event; and Ken has gone on to make his name synonymous with world record silver dollar deadlifts.

Tonight was no exception, as Ken Brown blasted away on the signature strongman event for big pullers, and he picked up where he had left off in 2005 when he pulled an even 500 kg (1102-1/2 pounds) at the strongman contest run in conjunction with the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival.

The setting was perfect for a huge lift as once again, Quebecers proved their love of strength with approximately 3,500 fans attending the DeWalt Night of Champions in Quebec City's Les Galere De La Capital in what Hugo Girard described as an "non-stop action event." This contest alternated powerlifting with boxing, as a three-round boxing match was held after the squat, another one after the bench press and a third one after the deadlift. That would have been enough for a great night's entertainment, but wait, who's this guy from California, the guy who's quiet because his deadlifts tell the story for him.

Ken Brown called for 1,111 pounds on his first attempt, for a good lift and a new world record. Ken took 1,161 on his second lift, got it to about mid-thigh, but the elevated platform was flexing under the load, Girard said, and the lift was no good, and with the new world record in hand, Ken called it a night.

Incidentally, whereas some strongman events are run with a decidedly imperfect understanding of what the implements weigh, once again, this silver dollar deadlift was was done by the books: the boxes and bar had previously been weighed, and IPF-certified Ivanko plates were used to make up the required total poundage; and the actual lifts were officiated by Marc Lauzon, Head Referee for the Canadian Federation of Strength Athletes and a well-known, highly-respected figure in international strongman circles.

Powerlifting, boxing and a world record silver dollar deadlift - the DeWalt Night of Champions cut no corners in building a great show in Quebec City tonight.

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