Ken Brown Shatters 500-kg Barrier in Silver Dollar Deadlift

Canadian strongman fans are getting an eyeful this weekend at the Canada's Strongest Man contest, and California's Ken Brown has contributed to the huge performances by absolutely demolishing the world record in the silver dollar deadlift.

As reported by Samuel Dube, Ph.D., the action has been consistently outstanding:

"[Last night] Ken Brown shattered his own world record of 1062.5 pounds in the silver dollar deadlift set nearly four years ago to the day here in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

"In front of an awestruck crowd at the Casino de Lac Lemy, and as part the 2005 Canada's Strongest Man Contest weekend at the annual Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival, Ken made short work of 1071 pounds in front of international referee Marc Lauzon. Then, instead of attempting 1100 pounds the requisite additional weight was added to bring the aggregate to 500 kg (just over 1102 pounds) which he absolutely destroyed for a second world record in the span of five minutes!

"Prior to this historic lift, Hugo Girard casually pressed a [standard] replica Inch Dumbbell to full lockout for five reps with his right arm. Hugo, who is taking time off from competing to recover from his torn Achilles tendon at the Arnold this year, still made his presence felt at the Canadian's through some announcing, much to the jubilation of the crowd.

"With two days left in the contest, the battle appears to be between Travis Lyndon, Jessen Paulin, and Dominic Filiou. Dominic also set a new World Record in the Viking Press (300 lb. at the handles in the form of a Harley Davidson motorcycle) with, 29 reps (yes, twenty-nine repetitions!). (I believe the previous record was held by Hugo with 22 reps.)"

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