Ken Brown Breaks the World Record in the Silver Dollar Deadlift

Letting his own world record of 1111 pounds stand for two years, Ken Brown pushed it up a notch today, hitting 1125 pounds in the Silver Dollar Deadlift, a strongman staple.

Ken had gotten talked into taking a crack at a big lift because some of his training partners from Fresno were competing at the NAS North Bay Pain & Glory strongman contest in Petaluma, California today, where the Silver Dollar Deadlift was one of the events. "Three of our guys from Fresno - Eric Petersen, Ryan Carey and Rusty Kier - won their divisions," Ken told IronMind®, "so it was a pretty good day."

Rob Meulenburg was successful in breaking through the half-ton barrier, Ken Brown said, hitting 1055 pounds for a big new personal record. After breaking his own world record with the 1125-pound lift, Brown went for 1155 pounds and he got it about three-quarters of the way up before it stalled out.

Ken Brown, a former World's Strongest Man competitor, is known for his strong deadlift, and he told IronMind® that he had only been training on this lift for five weeks prior to today's successful record-breaking attempt, although heavy deadlifts are a regular part of his workouts.

"It sounds as if your basic strength is pretty high right now" Brown was asked. "Oh yeah," he said and his latest world record in the Silver Dollar Deadlift speaks for itself.

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