Ken Brown Attacks Silver Dollar Deadlift

Ken Brown's name has been synonymous with the Silver Dollar Deadlift world record and last night, as part of the Canada's Strongest Man festivities, Ken took a shot at pushing his world record up another notch.

Sam Dube, Ph.D. filed this report:

Later on that evening at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, "Gentleman" Ken Brown attempted to break his own World Record of 1,111 lb. in the Silver Dollar Deadlift.

In front of a large crowd, the strongman competitors, and the media in the bustling lobby, with a running commentary supplied in both French and English by Hugo Girard and Sam Dube, respectively, Ken performed successive warmups with 521 pounds, 751 pounds, and 901 pounds under the auspices of international referee Marc Lauzon. It was apparent, however, that he lost his balance backward a little during the last warmup, and although successful with the weight, it raised concerns about the shifting of the barbell plates inside the boxes. After the plates were realigned symmetrically, the total weight was raised to an all-time World Record poundage of 1,121 pounds.

Ken set up carefully and then exploded. Unfortunately, literally at lockout, Ken again lost his balance backward. Amidst deafening cheers from the crowd, the legendary American strongman and powerlifter struggled mightily for what seemed like an eternity to fight not only for the lockout, but to prevent from falling backward. Unfortunately, Ken did fall backward and lost the lift. Mercifully he was not injured. After several minutes of rest, he made a second attempt, but it was not to be on this day. The first effort took far too much out of him.

It is certain that Ken Brown will once again break the World Record again some day.

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