Kaz Makes CNN

Go to CNN right now and watch Bill Kazmaier bend a frying pan and pull a truck.

The three-time World's Strongest Man winner, simply known as The World's Strongest Man, Bill Kazmaier is a regular at YMCAs, which focus on the mind, body and spirit.

"YMCAs build stronger individuals, families and communities," the Kaz told IronMind®.

"After you reach a certain level of prominence in the strength world," Kazmaier said, "it comes down to what we do with it. Yesterday, Pfister called me, and he's talked at over 100 schools recently," Kaz said, referring to Phil Pfister, the 2006 World's Strongest Man winner.

"Paul Anderson did great things," Kazmaier said. "He was an awesome strength athlete and great man, giving back to the community."

Bill Kazmaier proved the wisdom of never leaving home without it - referring to his trusty Draft Horse Pulling Harness . . . Jim Leisey, director of the Adamtown, Pennsylvania YMCA was retiring after 40 years of service and when his car broke down, guess who hooked up and pulled him to the YMCA?

The Kaz was in town not just to help honor Mr. Leisey, who had been friends with the Good brothers, Kaz said, but also for the grand opening of the Allentown YMCA. Introducing Bill Kazmaier to the crowd, YMCA Director Rusty Barr said, "If you want to bring attention to the YMCA, you bring in the World's Strongest Man."

"The YMCA is all about leadership," Kazmaier told IronMind®, quick to praise Barr's role in the YMCA.

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