Justin Warren Wins the Heavyweight Class at the NAS Nationals

“Today there was rain again!,” Dione Wessels said, speaking from the North American Strongman (NAS) National Championships - where the top fifteen qualify for the amateur strongman contest NAS is running at the 2010 Arnold.

“We had a short rain delay but then continued with the show!  Very impressive field of athletes today.  Looking at the potential pros coming up are not only large individuals, but also competitive.

“The top 15 going to the Arnold amateur [strongman] contest are from 1st to 15th: Justin Warren, Mike Jenkins, Dan Harrison, Ryan Haas, Erik Peterson, Brad Audrey, Mike Caruso, Ryan Bracewell, Jarrod Beekley, Rob Lewis, Lou Costa, Chad Robison, Dave Bourgeois, Vincent Urbank, Jonathan Pietrolaj; and the overall lightweight winner from Saturday [Doug Madewell] will also be going.”

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