Juha Matti Jarvi Wins Fourth Giants Live Finnish National Qualifier

“The last Giants Live Finnish National qualifier was held in Oulu City and the competition arena was built like in other qualifiers in series sponsor’s Masku Furniture company yard,” Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind.

Juha Matti Järvi won the Log Press with 150 kg.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL.
Juha Matti Järvi won the Log Press with 150 kg.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL.

“The first event, the Volvo Truck Pull was really close battle with top four athletes: Juha Matti Järvi at 21.16 sec, Jarno Kirselä at 22 sec, Kai Pasanen at 23.04 sec, and Jonne Illikainen 26.50 sec.”

Next up was was the Log Lift for maximum weight: “Juha Matti Järvi won easily with 150-kg log,”  followed by Jarno Kirselä at 130kg and Jonne Illikainen  with the same weight.

The third event was “Sack Loading with Fast 100-kg sacks carried a distance of 7 m each to 145-cm high platform.  Juha Matti Järvi 26.94 sec, Jarno Kirselä 28.25 sec, Jonne Illikainen 33.79 sec, Kai Pasanen 38.65 sec.”

Fourth was the Coca-Cola Zero Forward Hold with 25 kg.  “Juha Matti Järvi took again an easy win 42.07 sec,” Kinnunen said.  The other times were: Jarno Kirselä at 38.22 sec, Jonne Illikainen at 35.65 sec and Kai Pasanen at 24.31 sec.

“The last event Masku Deadlift for reps with 325 kg.  Jarno Kirselä won with 5 reps, Juha Matti Järvi was second with 4 reps, and both Jonne Illikainen and Kai Pasanen made 3 reps.”

Overall results top four:

1. Juha Matti Järvi 19.0
2. Jarno Kirselä 15.5
3. Jonne Illikainen 9.0
4. Kai Pasanen 6.5

Kinnunen also confirmed that "the following Finnish athletes are invited to the World's Strongest Man Giants Live qualifier in Power Park, Finland" on August 13:

1. Juha Matti Järv 60
2. Jarno Kirselä 44
3. Kai Pasanen 30
4. Tomi Lotta (via SCL series) 17


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