Juha Harju Holds On For Win

“We had the 2nd Iron Grip Endurance Challenge [on Saturday], consisting of four holding events, performed at three venues worldwide (Stafford, England - Kirkkonummi, Finland - London, England),” David Horne reported to IronMind.

“It was surprising how quickly the event went compared to a normal event with four attempts. After we finished we had a meal and then we went out for some more training.
“Anyway, big congratulations goes to Juha Harju of Finland for his win. He has brought all his grip strength areas up to a par now, which is superb to see.

“Elizabeth Horne won the women’s class, and also featured 14th in the Open class with the men.
“Plenty of world records were bettered in the various classes, and the records are here," said Horne.



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