Jorma Paananen Wins IFSA Strongman Grand Prix

Jorma Paananen edged out Rene Minkwitz, Harri Simonen and Zydrunas Savickas to win this weekend's IFSA Grand Prix in Finland.

Paanenen had 38 points, to 37 each for Minkwitz, Simonon, and Savickas, who finished second, third and fourth, respectively. Odd Haugen was fifth overall, with 33-1/2 points, and Jarno Hams was sixth, with 32-1/2 points.

Event victories included Hams winning the log lift with 165 kg, Minkwitz tying with Ove Lehto for the win in the deadlift (300 kg) with 13 reps, Hams and Minkwitz tying for first in the weight for height (15 kg thrown with two hands) at 6.0 meters, and Harri Simonen capturing the Farmer's Walk for distance, taking 137.5 kg in each hand 59.95 meters.

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