Jon Pall Movie

Hjalti Arnason, producer of the keenly awaited Jon Pall documentary, has some more good news related to this film project that is going to rock the strongman world.

"I wanted to tell you that we did screen the Jon Pall movie last Friday," Arnason said. "It is not the final version, but 95 percent finished. The movie is going to the studio next week for the sound mix. It was great to see three years of work in 90 minutes."

Incidentally, Arnason isn't alone in his satisfaction with how this project has gone, as he told IronMind®, "The specialist from the co-production company, SENA, also liked it and we were not asked to change a single thing."

All of us who have seen clips from the movie have been extremely impressed with what Hjalti Arnason has created, and the full-fledged movie is just going to be that much more powerful. "The 15 people who saw it [the screening] were laughing and crying," Arnason said. "It was unbelievable to see it on the big screen."

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