Jon Pall DVD: Coming to USA

The long awaited Jon Pall Sigmarsson DVD is coming to the USA . . . soon!

Here it is, the US version of the Jon Pall DVD. IronMind® | Courtesy of Hjalti Arnason.
Here it is, the US version of the Jon Pall DVD. IronMind® | Courtesy of Hjalti Arnason.

Hjalti Arnason has given IronMind® a copy of the USA version of the Jon Pall Sigmarsson DVD cover and said that, "We have finished the US version and now it is going to be printed in the USA." Arnason said that "7,000 copies [have been] sold in Iceland," and while Rocky did great in the movie, the box office results, at least in Iceland, give the decision to Jon Pall, because Hjalti reported, "The Jon Pall movie brought in 50% more guests than Rocky Balboa . . . "

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