Jon Pall !

Hjalti Arnason just called to tell us about something that is going to leave strongman fans on the edge of their seats: A film is being made on the late, great Jon Pall Sigmarsson, and it is going to be as spectacular as its subject.

Hjalti "The Great Ursus" Arnason is something of a legend in strongman circles and when he provides detail on how Jon Pall trained, for example, it's going to have the added edge of someone who was in the gym rep-by-rep with strongman's first superstar, Jon Pall Sigmarsson. And instead of a few shaky clips from a handheld, consumer-level video camera, the footage is top caliber, as Hjalti explained that the filmmakers have acquired the rights from TWI to use original World's Strongest Man film. Added to that, Hjalti said, this project is going to be led by someone who is extremely well known and accomplished in the film industry, so everyone can expect a strongman documentary of a level that has never been seen.

We'll keep you posted on developments, and if you're a strongman fan or competitor, look toward the north tonight and say, "Thank you."

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