John Brookfield's Latest

John Brookfield has performed on the Today show, at the Highland Games World Championships, the Iron Man Pro, and at hundreds of public venues, but no matter if you have seen all, some or none of these performances, everyone has the opportunity to learn from this longstanding leader of the grip community.

Between his books, MILO articles, and his Grip Tips, the wisdom and creativity John Brookfield brings to grip training is available to everyone. And while you might never match John's feats of strength, that's not the most important thing: Here's yet another exercise that will help you boost your strength, while you have a good time training, so hook up with John Brookfield's latest Grip Tip, live up to your potential, and be the best that you can be.

For the latest from John, follow the link above or go to the Training Articles link from the IronMind homepage.

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