John Brookfield and John Bruney: One-Mile Truck Pull

Today, John Brookfield gave IronMind® the details on the big truck pull he and Jon Bruney have planned in a few weeks.

"On Saturday November 1, in Fairmont, North Carolina, at 2:00 in the afternoon," John Brookfield said, this mighty two-man team "will be pulling a semi-truck for the distance of one full mile for a world record." Forget the smoke and mirrors, because Brookfield said that he and Bruney will be "using only their physical strength and mental fortitude."

This powerhouse pair "have pulled the distance of one mile on several occasions; however this time they will be increasing the pulling weight to over thirty five thousand pounds and pushing themselves to pull the one-mile course as quickly as possible."

John Brookfield urges everyone to come out and walk beside the team, and support them in this their efforts, saying that this great test of endurance will be a world record performance.

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