John Brookfield: Tearing Three Decks of Cards

It’s been a long time since John Brookfield first called IronMind®, introducing himself as a professional strongman who had the goal developing the world’s strongest grip.

Any way you slice things, John Brookfield developed most formidable levels of lower arm strength and endurance, and if you want a quick, low-tech way to see the kind of power the Brookfield engine developed, grab a deck of cards and tear it in half.

If that wasn’t too hard, give yourself a pat on the back and now triple the ante: try tearing three decks of cards at once. 

And  if you think it can’t be done, watch him rip through this challenge, as John Brookfield tears three decks of cards easier than some people can open their phone bill.  And in case you don't recognize the voice, that's none other than Steve Jeck calling the action.

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