John Brookfield Is Going For A(nother) Bending Record

On February 12th John Brookfield is planning to bend 100 yards of 5/8-inch diameter steel bar in his hometown of Pinehurst, North Carolina in a record attempt that will be filmed by Fox TV.

Brookfield, the second man in the world to close the No. 3 Captains of Crush® gripper, has long been the benchmark bender, a guy who can bend pieces of steel in his bare hands that some people couldn't move with pliers and a vise.

Along with his tremendous maximum bending strength, Brookfield sets himself apart from the field with his endurance, which will be showcased in this upcoming record attempt: Brookfield plans to bend fifteen 20-foot lengths of 5/8 - inch diameter steel bar, with each length rolled up tightly enough to fit into a small suitcase. Brookfield said that his target time for this feat of strength is fifteen minutes, which will be an average of one minute per bar.

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