Joachim Olsen: Osaka Update

Between Reese Hoffa, Adam Nelson and Dan Taylor, American men are expected to dominate the shot put at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in a few days, but there is one man considered by many to be most likely to keep Team USA from sweeping the event, and that's Joachim Olsen (Denmark).

A colorful and top-caliber thrower, by all accounts Olsen is ready to rock in Japan.

A week ago, Olsen's friend and training partner Jesper Vang Nielsen told IronMind®, "Olsen . . . is doing great . . . set a new [Danish] national record this year with 21.69 . . . On a good day, he could do it."

Now coached by Simon Stewart, the Elite Center Throwing Coach for the Danish Athletic Federation, Joachim Olsen is continuing to impress as the world championships draw near.

"He had his last throwing practice today," Stewart reported from Osaka. "He is ready!"

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