Jim Schmitz on the Lifts: Jumping the Feet Too Wide

The first time I saw this photo, it was on the wall of Bruce’s old store in Daly City, California and I said, “Talk about ugly,” kidding the 1976 Olympian, who also won the first two World’s Strongest Man contests without ever thinking that was the next best thing to walking on water.

This was not about style points—it was about making a personal record power clean: Bruce Wilhelm hits 210-kg.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Jim Schmitz.

In latest from his series, Schmitz on the Lifts, Three-time Olympic coach of the USA men’s weightlifting team Jim Schmitz, who was Bruce Wilhelm’s personal coach as well, talks about jumping the feet too wide - a common flaw Schmitz says, and the one that’s hardest to correct.

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