Jim Davis: US World's Strongest Man Qualifiers

Jim Davis made it official today that Chad Coy will be taking over the final qualifier for the US strongman championships, the contest that will determine which Americans will compete in this year's World's Strongest Man (WSM).

This final qualifier will be held on June 8th, in Kokomo, Indiana, and there is talk of a one day competition with five events, but the format is still under discussion. Davis was extremely pleased with this weekend's qualifier, run by Jim Reese in Athens, Ohio, but said that for as much progress as American strongman competitions have made in the last few years, the best is yet to come, because he's working on some big plans for next year.

Davis, who is overseeing the WSM qualifiers in the US this year, has helped lead the charge, as American strongman competitors and contests have made huge strides since the late 1990s.

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