Jim Davis: "It's Going To Be A Battlefield"

IFSA-USA president Jim Davis said today that this weekend's strongman contest "is going to be a battlefield." Looking at a field of 20 top amateurs and 25 top pros, the Show-Me Strongman contest will be staged at the first fitness expo ever held in St. Louis and promises to be a top event, with "the best venue ever," Davis said, referring to the America's Center in downtown St. Louis. On his way to picking up four-time World's Strongest Man winner Magnus Ver Magnusson, who will be refereeing, Davis said that this weekend's show is a joint effort between his organization, IFSA-USA, and NAS, which is headed by Willie and Dione Wessels. The power of this partnership is tremendous, Davis said, and IFSA-USA and NAS will be teaming up more in the future. Davis said that by combining the best of the pro ranks (IFSA-USA) with the best of the amateur ranks (NAS), this partnership would to take strongman to new levels. For details, check the official IFSA-USA web site and the official NAS web site.

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