Jessen Paulin Wins Canada's Strongest Man

Many had predicted a close battle between Jessen Paulin and Dominic Filiou for the Canada's Strongest Man title, but when the dust settled, it was all Jessen Paulin.

The close battle was for second, third and fourth place, Hugo Girard explained, with just three points separating those places. Here are the top four:

1. Jessen Paulin 94.5 points
2. Dominic Filiou 79.5
3. Louis-Philippe Jean 77.5
4. Christian Savoie 76.5

Hugo Girard, who organized the contest said, "It was a good show . . . the weather was not so good, but we still had about 5,000 spectators." And singing the praises of young Louis-Philippe Jean, Girard said, "Give him two or three years and he will be at least Canada's Strongest Man - that's for sure. He has all the tools."

Hugo Girard, himself, won high praise from Jesse Snadden, who said, "Hugo's looking in good shape despite the injury and I think we will see another amazing comeback from the big man. Hugo's my good mentor and without him, the sport wouldn't be as great as it is in Canada."

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