Jeanne Leads World's Strongest Man

Hurricane Jeanne is currently dominating the World's Strongest Man contest as the last two events were cancelled yesterday and the athletes were prepared to evacuate their hotel if necessary.

In the first day of the qualifiers, defending World's Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski moved into the lead, followed by Raimunds Bergmanis in second place and Svend Karlsen in third place. The second day of the qualifiers was slated to have three events (Fingal's Fingers, sumo wrestling and Conan's wheel), but Hurricane Jeanne quickly changed things and the last two events of the day were cancelled. Mariusz Pudzianowski remains in first place, Raimunds Bergmanis remains in second place and Zydrunas Savickas has moved into a tie with Svend Karlsen for third place at the moment.

Steve Kirit has reportedly pulled out of the contest and a reserve athlete has been substituted in his place, and the contest is said to have been postponed for two days as the area is pounded with heavy rain.

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