Jarno Hams Wins in Holland

"Finally, a Dutch winner again!" Marcel Mostert told IronMind®. "I'm happy!"

Veteran Dutch strongman promoter Marcel Mostert, said it was "a fantastic sunny day," with 4,000 spectators on hand to cheer for Jarno Hams as he won the IFSA Grand Prix of Holland over the weekend. Mostert has been running this event for more than 10 years, "always with a great crowd and enthusiastic athletes."

The international field included competitors from New Zealand, Australia and the USA, and the events included a Viking press for maximum weight, which Mostert said was a first in any grand prix . . . Jarno Hams and Agris Kazelniks tied for first in this event, with 240 kg.

"Jarno was in his best shape and very happy to take his first place ever in the Grand Prix of Holland," Mostert said.

Here are the final places and points:

1. Jarno Hams (Holland) 71.5 points
2. Etienne Smit (South Africa) 63.5
3. Georg Odmundsson (Iceland) 58.5
4. Agnis Kazelniks (Latvia) 55
5. Steve MacDonald (USA) 47.5
6. Levi Veoga (New Zealand) 41.5
7. Tom Jansen (Holland) 38
8. Jeremy Hogg (Australia) 31.5
9. Adam Darasz (Hungary) 22.5
10. Boris Milosevic (Slovenia) 21.5
11. Jimmy Laureys (Belgium) - Injury

"The event will be broadcasted two hours on Dutch and European channels, as well on Eurosport soon," Mostert said.

Looking ahead, Mostert told IronMind®, "We are making the IFSA Bulgarian Grand Prix in Sofia this coming weekend , 23 June, where again Jarno Hams and Agris Kazelniks can measure their strength with other top athletes like the recovered Robert Schzepanski from Poland."

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