Jarno Hams Wins IFSA West-European Championships

Jarno Hams edged Adam Darash to win the 2005 IFSA West-European Championships in Hungary today.

Final places and points were:

1. Jarno Hams (Holland) 53.5 points
2. Adam Darash (Hungary) 53.5
3. Jan Krehacek (Slovakia) 41.5
4. Martin Stefel (Czech) 41
5. Bernd Kirchbaumer (Austria) 38
6. Brian Turner (Scotland) 32
7. Denis Udovitch (Slovenia) 21
8. Vladimir Risov (Bulgaria) 17

Jasmin Haidarevic (Bosnia) and Heinz Ollesch (Germany) reportedly were injured during the competition, although the extent of their injuries could not be confirmed immediately.

Watch for more details on the IFSA website, probably early next week.  

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