Jarek Dymek Wins World Strongman Cup

Sidelined by his injury, Jarek Dymek returned to international competition with a bang and won the World Strongman Cup in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany - the hometown of World Strongman Cup manager Martin Muhr.

Jarek Dymek "did very well," Muhr said, "but he had a big fight with Michael Starov, who is also in good shape. For Franz Beil, it was his last competition and he finished with seventh place. Dominic Filiou did 175 kg in the log, but there was a lot of space for more weight, I think."

Here are the final places:

1. Jarek Dymek
2. Michael Starov
3. Tarmo Mitt
4. Slawomir Toczek
5. Dominic Filiou
6. Antanas Abrutis
7. Franz Beil
8. Reidar Kvale
9. Terry Hollands
10. Simon Flint
11. Richard Danis
12. Ralf Ber

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