Jarek Dymek Wins 2005 Europe's Strongest Man

Returning to competition in impressive form, Jarek Dymek won the 2005 Europe's Strongest Man competition in what was called, "a very tough and competitive" contest.

"The level of competition has definitely been raised," Odd Haugen said, pointing to how, in the Farmer's Walk, seven athletes completed the 30-meter (100-foot) course with 175 kg (385 pounds) in each hand, with Janne Virtanen winning the event in a world record time of 15:94!

Final places were:

1. Jarek Dymek (Poland)
2. Janne Virtanen (Finland)
3. Michael Starov (Ukraine)
4. Slawomir Tomcek (Poland)
5. Raivis Vidzis (Latvia)
6. Alexander Pekanov (Ukraine)
7. Odd Haugen (Norway)
8. Ralf Ber (Austria)

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