Jacob Sahlaney Demolishes Blockbuster Pinch Grip World Record

Jake Sahlaney puts the squeeze on IronMind Block Buster Pinch Grip Block, breaking the world record on each of his four attempts and ending with this huge 100.24-lb. lift. IronMind® | Photo by Jeff Parker

He’s an EMT, a former Kronk gym boxer and now Jacob Sahlaney has added to his already impressive resume: he didn’t just break the world record for the IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block—he demolished it.

Competing at the 2016 Michigan Juggernaut Grip Competition, Sahlaney marched through four successively heavier attempts on the IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block, breaking the world record on each one, to end with 100.24 pounds as he pushed the world record on this benchmark test of pinch grip strength into triple digits.

Sahlaney also ripped through the Crushed-To-Dust! Challenge, certifying on this all-around test of grip strength, and by the looks of both performances, he’s got a lot more gas in the tank, so we’re predicting that the grip strength world will be hearing a lot more about Jake Sahlaney in the future.


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