Jaber Saaed Salem Sweeps Supers

(Antalya, Turkey) Jaber Saaed Salem (Qat) won all three gold medals today, sweeping the super heavyweight category at the World Weightlifting Championships.

Salem smoked 200-, 205- and 210-kg, for the gold medal in the snatch. Newcomer Roman Mechtcheriakov (RUS) also made three good snatches, ending with 205 kg for the silver medal, and Andrei Chemerkin (RUS) got the bronze with a 200-kg lift.

The clean and jerk was all Salem, as Chemerkin opened with 242.5 and then did high pulls with 247.5 on his second and third attempts. Jaber opened with a routine 245, made another good lift with 250, and then called for a world record of 263 kg. Salem cleaned the weight, but didn't try to jerk it. Najdek (POL) jerked 250 for the silver medal. In the total, Mechtcheriakov got the silver, with 445 kg, edging Chemerkin, who had a total of 442.5 kg.

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