Jaana Tanner: More on the Rolling Thunder®

When Jaana Tanner and her coach, Jyrki Rantanen, faced some flak following Tanner’s recent world record on the IronMind Rolling Thunder®, they didn’t head to the street or to court—instead, they went to the gym.

"The grip world had a new world record last weekend, when Jaana Tanner (FIN) hauled 66.750 kg up in IronMind Grip Classic: Volume 2 Qualification, and ffter the competition there was a big noise about that lift—especially in Finland about was it legal lift and also it was noted that I, who was the referee, is the coach for Jaana, etc.,” Rantanen told IronMind.

“I felt that the record did not got all the respect it deserved and it was one of the reason, why we did this training video.

“To state why Jaana´s leg was looking weird in that world record is that she has a problem with her legs and in heavier lifting they are turning inside passively—we are fixing that problem, but this video is just to prove that there was nothing to help that world record lift and Jaana will make official attempt with 70 kg, under the current rules in IronMind Grip Classic: Volume 2 Qualification, which will be held in March at the famous Bullfarm in Tampere, Finland,” said Rantanen.

Here is a link to a video made of that training session, in which Tanner exceeds her own recently-set world record:

Incidentally, like men’s Rolling Thunder world record holder Mark Felix, Jaana Turner has unusually large hands with extra long fingers—exactly the physical setup one would prefer on the Rolling Thunder.


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