It's All Akhmetov (KAZ) at the Asian Weightlifting Championships

Almaty, Kazakhstan – The men's 94-kg category was another big one at the Asian Weightlifting Championships today for host country Kazakhstan, as Bakhytbek Akhmetov won all three golds, and his teammate Andrey Makarov picked up a pair of silvers.

Akhmetov had to run hard to save his opening snatch of 175 kg and that set the stage for what was to follow: On his second attempt, 182.5 kg, he again had to run forward, but this time he ran out of platform, the bar went across the stage with such force that it crumpled the steel barrier protecting the referees, and one end landed on the ground, nearly in the lap of the center referee.  The announcer calmly said, "As you can see, we have a small technical problem," as the loaders and officials struggled to get the bar back on the stage.  Akhmetov made a successful lift with the weight on his third attempt.

After Shahin Nasirinia moved into gold medal position in the clean and jerk with his third attempt 210 kg lift, Akhemtov, who had the last lift attempt in the class, called for 212.5 and made it.  Makarov hit 180/197.5 for silvers in the snatch and in the total.  Chasing the Kazakhstan teammates all night, two Iranian lifters picked up the remaining medals: Shahin Nasirinia got the silver in the clean jerk (210 kg) and the bronze in the total (375 kg), and Asghar Ebrahimi got the bronze in the snatch (170 kg) and in the clean and jerk (205 kg).

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