IronMind Videos: Epic Battles . . . Kolecki vs. Kakiashvilis

This was my first view of Szymon Kolecki: I was standing in the training hall in La Coruna at the 1999 European Weightlifting Championships and my friend Ivane Grikurovi came up, pointed to a guy getting ready to do some front squats and told me that he was a real talent—a future star. That guy was Szymon Kolecki. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen photo

La Coruna–The 1999 European Weightlifting Championships hosted the coming out party for a 17-year old Polish kid who was going to face (then) two-time Olympic gold medalist Akakios Kakiashvilis (né Kakhi Kakhiashvili).

If you think this sounds like a lamb being led to slaughter, let me say that the kid was Szymon Kolecki, and here’s the video of his epic battle with Kakhi Kakhiashvili:


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