IronMind Homepage: New Look, New Columns, More Good Stuff

The new IronMind® homepage has just gone live and we would like to welcome our two newest columnists: Jim Schmitz and Brad Johnson.

Jim Schmitz needs no introduction if you are either a weightlifter, as in Olympic-style weightlifter, or if you are a MILO® reader.

As a regular at the World Weightlifting Championships and the Olympics, a past president of USA Weightlifting, a former Olympic coach, the owner of the Sports Palace, and coach of such great American lifters as Mario Martinez, Ken Patera, Bruce Wilhelm, Ken Clark, Danny Cantore, Butch Curry and Tom Hirtz, if there is something Jim Schmitz doesn't know about weightlifting, it's probably not worth knowing. And if that doesn't impress you, there is at least one Masters lifter who swears that his short-lived American record in the clean and jerk was due to Jim Schmitz's unparalleled skill as a platform coach.

Jim will be sharing training tips with you every month, so be sure to take advantage of this championship-level resource now available at your fingertips.

IronMind® would also like to give a very warm welcome to Brad Johnson, whose column on extreme bodyweight training will give you an entirely new idea conception of what is possible with bodyweight exercises.

Brad already has quite an online following and little wonder: He has a refreshing modest personality coupled with a seemingly endless imagination when it comes to this sort of movement, and when you see him in action, you will think that David Copperfield must be his assistant. IronMind® customers will remember Brad as the guy pictured in our 2004 catalog doing a one-finger pull-up with his Eagle Loops and simultaneously pinching gripping some extra poundage on his Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block! Needless to say, Brad's demonstration upped the ante in the world of finger strength, and that's the kind of thing you can expect from his column.

Welcome Jim Schmitz and Brad Johnson, who now join John Brookfield and Steve Jeck as our monthly columnists.

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