IronMind Grip Classic–Volume 2: Qualifying Standards

The qualifying standards for the IronMind Grip Classic–Volume 2 have been announced by Finnish contest organizer Jyrki Rantanen.

Open to both women and men, here are the respective standards (women/men):

• Captains of Crush Grippers with credit card rule:  No. 1 / No. 2
• Rolling Thunder  45 kg / 75kg
• Apollon´s Axle 85 kg / 150kg

“The competitor must do all the limits during the same competition. One can participate as many qualifications as he/she wants,” Rantanen told IronMind.

“The first official qualification contest will be held in Voimapuoti Gym (Helsinki) January 28, 2012 and it will be operated by the Gripmonsters.  The last official qualification will be held in famous Merikarvia on June 16, 2012 and the organizer is Merikarvian Voimailijatry.

“In between there will be 1–3 qualifications in Finland and also we are negotiating to have 1–2 international qualifications also due the interest from foreign countries have been great towards this tour.  All countries are welcome, but the competitors must pay their way to the venue (if some international competitor makes the way to the final, we are ready to support some hotels and meals).

“Everybody, who has passed the qualification limits will automatically get the spot to semifinal stage at the Finnish Fitness Expo on September9, 2012.  All semifinalists will also face the new event: CoC block hold,” said Rantanen, which is like a strap hold for time.

“From the Expo, the top five ladies and gentlemen will move forward to the last man standing finals, which are held during the United Strongmen™ Women´s World Championships happening in October–December 2012.”


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