IronMind® Grip Classic–Volume 2

“A classic is growing to be THE Classic: The 2012 IronMind® Grip Classic–Volume 2 is growing, with more events, and also it will be a tour including 3–5 qualifications in different cities around Finland,” Jyrki Rantanen reported to IronMind.

“The semi-final stage will held at the Finnish Fitness Expo in September and the finals will be held at the halftime of United Strongmen™ World Championships for Women.  The final will have the top five men and women from the semi-final and it will be partly broadcasted inside of the program from the Worlds.

“To make the battle interesting as much as possible, we are adding Captains of Crush© grippers in with the classic thick bar events, Rolling Thunder® and Apollon´s Axle™, that were featured in the IronMind Classic–Volume 1.

“The qualification competitions will include closing CoC grippers using the credit card rule, followed by the Rolling Thunder and Apollon’s Axle, and there will be qualification limits in kgs and gripper # for the semifinal: If the competitor have done all the limits, he will automatically earn a spot for the semifinal. 

“In the semifinal we will introduce a new gripper event in Finland—the CoC Block Hold: the competitor will have same number gripper in each hand and then he will pick up a 20-mm thick block from the table and hold it like forward hold as long as possible—and the longest time wins.  

"We don´t want to be bored on this event with marathon times, so I believe that after proper testing we´ll use at least CoC No. 2.5 for me—perhaps the No. 3.

“Even though the Ironmind© Grip Classic—Volume 2 is a battle about who is the queen/king crown in Finnish Grip world, the competition is open to foreigners, too.

“Also, we want to support the growth of grip sport in Finland, so with IronMind´s permission we will open the official ‘Challenge List’ for people who are closing CoC No. 2.5 (men) and No. 1.5 (women) in these or future competitions—with the official credit card rule of course.

“The list is like a stairway during the trip to world fame in IronMind´s official certification list for CoC No. 3 and forward for men and the CoC No. 2 for ladies,” said Rantanen.


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