IronMind, Captains of Crush Grippers Make The Sacramento Bee

Randall Strossen said that he was honored to have IronMind®and Captains of Crush® grippers featured today in a Sacramento Bee story written by Blair Robertson, with a photo by Randall Benton.

"Blair called, saying that he'd bought one of our grippers, loved it, and then noticed on the package that IronMind® is a local business, and said he would like to do a story on us," Strossen explained. "It turned out that Blair is an avid cyclist and golfer, so his affinity for grip strength was a natural, and the moment I talked to him, it was apparent that Blair was hooked on Captains of Crush® Grippers."

Here's a link to the story:

He Built His Company on a Very Firm Handshake

Many thanks to The Sacramento Bee, Blair Robertson and Randall Benton.

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