International Strongman Tournament Set for Lithuania

At 5:00 pm on August 15, the sport center “Suduva” in Marijampolė will host the longstanding international strongman tournament in Lithuania. IronMind® | Poster courtesy of Vytautas Kirkliauskas

Vytautas Kirkliauskas is organizing an international strongman tournament in Marijampolė, Lithuania on August 15.

This contest has been running for 23 years, Kirkliausus, told IronMind, and this year’s edition will feature 11 competitors, with 8 countries represented.



Start List

Estonia: Rauno Heinla
Latvia: Oskars Martužans
Poland: Mateusz Baron
Slovakia: Igor Petrik
Ukraine: Kostiantyn Ilin
Germany: Andreas Altmann
Belarus: Aliaksandr Kurak
Estonia: Lauri Nami
Lithuania: Vidas Blekaitis
Lithuania Marius Lalas
Lithuania: Saulius Brusokas

- Viking press

- Shield carry
- Tractor pull

- Deadlift

- Medley
- Atlas stones

For the official trailer, please follow this link.


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