International Highland Games Federation: No Positives at Pleasanton or Loon Mountain

“The International Highland Games Federation [IHGF] continues their anti-doping policy to include drug testing at the Federation's important competitions and are pleased to announce that the drug tests carried out at the recent Pleasanton Highland games in California and Loon Mountain New Hampshire none were positive,” according to prepared statement written by IHGF Vice President Francis Brebner and released to IronMind® today.

“The tests cover performance-enhancing substances including an extensive range of anabolic steroids, amphetamines, recreational drugs and even ‘blocking’ agencies aimed at concealing the use of banned substances.

“Potential competitors using medication for health purposes or [who] are interested in knowing which are banned should consult [the] WADA PROHIBITED LIST on the Internet.

“Congratulations to IHGF athletes for maintaining high ethical standards and still producing good performances.”


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