International Austrian Armlifting Championship

The International Austrian Armlifting Championships puts grip strength front and central, so get ready to square off with Captains of Crush grippers and the Little Big Horn, among other challenges. IronMind® | Courtesy of Juergen Garshall

Juergen Garschall is organizing the 2015 International Austrian Armlifting Championship on September 26 in Vienna, Austria.

The competition is “open to anyone who would like to compete and I hope many athletes from different countries are coming to participate,” Garschall told IronMind.
“Our grip competition will be in the frame of a big day of strength sports in Vienna, with many different strength competitions like mas wrestling, Bavarian stone lifting, arm wrestling, Highland Games, weightlifting and CrossFit, all in one place!
“So it will be a big thing with all existing kinds of strength sports and competitions as well as demos and also of course for the public time to try everything!
Registration for the grip championship shall be until 19th of September at the latest,” said Garschall.

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