Ingrid Marcum in USA III Sled on Friday

IronMind® asked Ingrid Marcum to keep us posted as she the World Cup bobsled season unfolds and guess who’s in the USA III sled for Friday’s race in Park City, Utah?

“After two weeks of international training on the Whistler 2010 Olympic track, our World Cup racing season is upon us,” Marcum said.  “I am writing to let you know that I have been selected to push for driver Bree Schaaf in the first World Cup race in the USA III sled!” 

“Our race is this Friday afternoon here in Park City, Utah.  I believe you may be able to watch the race on the Universal Sports website

“The next race is in Lake Placid, after which we will be heading over to Europe.  I will keep you updated as the season unfolds!”

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