Inch Dumbbell, Rolling Thunder: Big Lifts

Roughly 75 years ago, George Jowett dubbed Quebec "the cradle of strong men," a description that is as true today as it was then.

Reporting on an exhibition held as part of the Canada's Strongest Man contest yesterday, Jesse Snadden told IronMind®, quite casually, "A few athletes deadlifted the Inch," a big enough lift to warrant headlines in many quarters. But wait, what else took place?

"Hugo Girard, despite his recovering knee injury managed to press the Inch for 10 strict reps and work up to 260 pounds on the Rolling Thunder," said Snadden. "Young Louis-Philippe Jean managed to pull 250 pounds on the Rolling Thunder and he is only 22 years old. Louis-Philippe has impressed many of us this year by one-hand cleaning and strict pressing the Inch after quite a few contests in Quebec."

The Canada's Strongest Man contest continues today.

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