Ilyin Konstyantyn Wins Ukraine’s Strongest Man

Reporting on the Ukraine’s Strongest Man contest, Marcel Mostert said, “The competition was very heavy, done over 7 events with killing medleys and dumbbell pressing with a 92-kg dumbbell.”

This contest was organized by Vladimir and Olena Kiba, with Michael Starov and Marcel Mostert refereeing.  Mostert, co-founder of Strongman Champions League, said that the weather was excellent and the contest also had “ a great, enthusiastic crowd as always in the Ukraine.

“A brand new champion came up in the 2009 edition of Ukraine’s Strongest Man, and his name is Ilyin Konstyantyn.  He beat the current champion, Oleksandr Lashyn, just by more wins [on count back] because at the end they both had 63 points.  The third place went to Sergei Konyushok, the former 105-kg athlete, who was 3rd in 2007 during the 105-kg World Championships in China.  Now he weighs 115 kg and impressed everyone by winning the arm-over-arm truck pull!

“Mark Felix from the UK was the only international strongman who competed here as well.  This was to measure how the Ukraine level would be against international athletes.  Mark Felix came in 7th place, so the Ukrainians were more convinced about the strength of their new champion now.  Vasyl Virastyuk was also present, but just for fans and media.  He told me that he still suffers with his old back injury, and the chances that he will return to professional strongman are very small.
“Konstyantyn, the new winner of the Ukraine’s Strongest Man contest, will compete also next weekend in his first Strongman Champions League contest, the Slovakia SCL in Bratislava.  Also, Olexander Lashyn will compete there, so maybe he can avenge himself.  We are exited about their battle!”
Top five, final:
Ilyin Konstyantyn    63 points  (4 wins)
Oleksandr Lashyn  63 points (1 win)
Sergei Konyushok  57.5
Victor Yurchenko    47
Kyrylo Chuprynin    45

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