Igor Pedan Wins in Gorky Park

The United Strongman Series Moscow contest was held in famous Gorky Park this weekend and local favorite 26-year-old Igor Pedan triumphed over a field that included a dozen competitors representing nine nations.

Final places and points were:

1. Igor Pedan (Russia), 62.5 points
2. Michael Starov (Ukraine), 51.5
3. Oleksandr Pekanov (Ukraine), 49
4. Sergei Flerko (Russia), 46
5. Michail Sidoricev (Russia), 44.5
6. Milan Jovanovic (Serbia-Montenegro), 37
7. David Ostlund (United States of America), 34
8. Lubomir Libacki (Poland), 33.5
9. Stoyan Todorcev (Bulgaria), 30.5
10. Franz Muellner (Austria), 30
11. Boris Milosevic (Slovakia), 27
12. Raymon Merckx (The Netherlands), 22.5

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